Identifying emerging themes impacting on and changing consumer culture, and how they are likely to shape the future of brands, businesses, behaviours and people is a cornerstone of what we do.

Way back in the late Nineties, we launched an ambitious global cultural forecasting study, 42, which sent our curious and insightful team to far-flung and interesting corners of the world to research change agents - unearthing key themes shaping our context and delivering a change agent segmentation in the process.

Post the digital-age, the big themes that shape the customer context are gathered via our smartphones, emails, blogs, interviews and observations. The digitally-driven Stancombe Series was born.

Recently, the Stancombe Series identified 7 key macro themes that are driving our current social and customer context:

If you would to learn more about any or all of these themes and explore their impact on your business, then please let us know via the below:

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