Do I consume the coffee or does the coffee consume me?

This is the question posed by the man with the very interesting ‘nue mode’ hairstyle (so eighties!). Watch out, the Existentialists are making a come back!

Aldi seem to have hit the spot with their new quirky campaign “Expressi Yourself for Aldi”.  What an unique and differentiated campaign for premium coffee capsules and with a great name to boot

Check it out here.

By using a range of stereotypical characters (i.e. easy ‘to get’ and ‘relate to’, albeit reinforcing some negative stereotypes - but hey, it’s advertising, a medium steeped in the science of heuristics), the agency has created a campaign with great cut-through and engagement. They have cleverly exploited a consumer perception that ‘you are what you drink’, especially when it comes to coffee. We suspect it leaves the audience wondering, which one am I and how can I get some of that?

It’s been a while since we have seen a campaign that uses adult humour without denigrating; we get that it is laughing with, not at, and what better way to create a collective sense of light-hearted caffeine ennui? Just laugh at the category – it’s not that serious after all.

Or is it?