Brands I am Loyal To

Brand Loyalty is a big thing in marketing they tell me so I started to make a list of the brands that I am loyal too and why

So here they are:

Levi Strauss - my first pair cost me £4.10 and I've been wearing them ever since. They fit me, are comfortable and accepted by the mainstream and fashionistas

Toyota - Reliable, predictable and they work, so therefore I can put up with their non status, boring image

Vegemite - But there is not really an alternative

Qantas - Because I am in the loyalty scheme and there is not really an alternative for local travel

American Express - But only while they operate the Qantas FF scheme

Apple - Again, the damn things just work so well

ABC & SBS - Interesting level headed TV without the ad break craziness

Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones - Embedded in my life there is enough back catalogue to keep me amused in the limited time that I have for listening to music LOUD

My Local Library - Is it a brand? I don't know but there it is and I go most weekends. They have lots of books there and it's paid for by my rates

Looking at the above list it's a pretty sad reflection on the combined efforts of marketing professionals over the last 50 years if that is the lot

But truly, I am having problems thinking about more brands that I am prepared to revisit time and time again!