Why do we Blog?

Blogs have often been accused of being just a public forum for self- aggrandisement, and perhaps sometimes rightly so.

But why do businesses take the time and trouble to write blogs and even record their own video blogs?

When a business blogs it talks in an appropriate tone of voice, hopefully in an informed manner to a highly targeted group of individuals about a topic they're interested in and is relevant to them.

And when we do this, we (hopefully) look good and re-affirm the loyalty of those people who have purchased our products in the past and may want to do business with us again. By the same token, we also hope that other people who have similar interests and aspirations will be drawn to our blog and affiliate themselves with the company. Some of the people who read our blog may be purchasing clients, suppliers to our organisation and/or others interested in working for the company (please email us if you are!).

The key benefit of blogging things that interest us, our clients, suppliers and potential employees is that any audience who reads our blog can get a much deeper understanding and sense of who we are, what we are about and how we operate as a business.

From a blog, people can begin to get a sense of the philosophy and values that a company holds important, i.e. does the organisation do interesting work, have original thoughts and ideas, does it have a sense of community, humour and fun?

Interestingly, by also writing a blog on behalf of a company you get to understand more deeply what appropriately reflects the company's style, values and even the ‘morals’ that you work for. As a writer for the In(side) Conversation Stancombe Research & Planning blog, there have been occasions when draft blogs fail to make the blog page. Simply put, the style of the writing or the content did not match the character of the organisation. Just by writing this now, I already have a much better sense of why I am blogging (Yes, this is another interesting point about blogs, they can be rather introspective!)

Sometimes by reading a company blog, team members also get a stronger sense of the organisation that they work for.

Perhaps all of this is self-evident. Perhaps all of this is blindingly obvious! So what do you think?

Is there more to blogging than this? Why do you or your company write blogs?

We would love to hear some thoughts.