Is the art of letter writing dead?

Once upon a time in a land of polite acceptance, a disappointed and frustrated customer would take a big breathe of indignation and write a letter of complaint to the not so subtly named 'complaints department' of a corporation.  Sometimes, a response would be received. OK, that was back in the dark ages when it wasn't polite to complain and corporations didn't feel a strong need to listen to customers.  How things have changed.

Yes, the art of letter writing is dead. So are customer complaints departments. Or at least, they have become increasingly redundant.

Consumers now bypass the corporation altogether and take their complaints into the public - see the Vodafail YouTube video below

It appears to be far more effective, creative and engaging than the staid old letter ...the collective can participate and as the group voice becomes louder with ever click on You Tube, you can imagine CEOs demanding action... Now!