Improv everywhere's latest stunt - possible recruitment insight?

My favourite day brighteners 'Improv everywhere' recently pulled off a simple mission:

To set up a photo studio in a Subway carriage and take photos of commuters.

What surprises me is how many people were willing to have strange' dorky' people take their photo

"While conventional wisdom would have you believe that New Yorkers are cynical and gruff– we had no trouble finding lots of fun people willing to get on board with two lame looking dudes in cheap blue dress shirts"

I wonder if we can somehow capture what Improv Everywhere does to get more fresh research participants?

It's all about participation!

I love this initiative going on in Manchester...I'm hoping we will see similar spin offs down here in Australia...check out the website here

Here is a quick synopsis:

"The Cutting Room Experiment is your chance to have your idea for a one off, professionally organised, mass participation event for hundreds of people to be put into reality. Think about flash mobs. Think about mass participation. Think about a collection of people in a space, at one time, all doing something together. That's what the Cutting Room Experiment is all about. Get involved."