Out with the unfashionable

Glamour gets the hammer:Following the biggest stockmarket crash in living memory and with so many people doing it tough, the credo "greed is good" is certainly not the case. In fact, conspicuous consumption has never looked so crass.
Things of stone and wood (and concrete):Last year, it seemed any wall that wasn't draped in headache-inducing wallpaper was smothered in some form of timber panelling. All manner of timbers were used from walnut to oak. The idea, so designers told us, was to "warm things up". (Haven't they heard of reverse-cycle air-conditioning?)
Star-gazers: Of all the trends in recent years that are headed for the chopping block, the most overdue is the "constellation" ceiling. That's where home owners see the need to punctuate their ceilings with so many halogen lights that it becomes a starry, starry night up there.Plastic not so fantastic: Plastic is made from petroleum products - the same petroleum products used by idiots who drive massive, look-at-me Hummers and ruin the environment.