Why newspapers are more important than ever

Please watch this TED presentation... it's only 10 minutes out of your day

The concept filter bubbles scares the hell out of me for the following reasons:
  • Facebook, Google and other news sources filter what you see without consulting you
  • You can't see how different 'your news' is to other peoples news
  • You don't know what is being filtered out
  • The gatekeepers of information are now algorithms designed to get more clicks - not inform society
  • Peoples views are being less challenged as a result
If there was ever a reason why newspapers should not fade away into obsolescence ... then this is it. As a society we need to be challenged and informed of issues that may not directly impact or be relevant to us. I personally don't subscribe to the idea that ignorance is bliss.

The newspapers serendipitous nature, ability to challenge peoples thinking, offer different perspectives and bring attention to issues not happening in peoples back yard is something we should all remember. Especially in age when the majority of peoples response to not knowing something is "I'll just Google it"