Help! - I'm Stuck In A Carbon Neutral Paradox!

Forgive me for being dumb, but is it really possible to reduce my Carbon Footprint?

I can understand offsetting my CF by planting trees, but my problem is this:

If I don't buy new consumer stuff and re use or retain my old stuff I end up with more money in my pocket

I can't spend it on holidays or more stuff because my CF will increase again

So, I pay off debts, save or put the spare dough into superannuation (it's all good in theory!)

But, then because my debts are less once again I have more money. So I further reduce my debts or put the money away for a rainy day

If in the future I spend my super or savings my CF goes up again. If I give the money away to a charity or relative the CF goes up again

So it appears that by reducing my consumption I am either deferring or deflecting my CF

I am really stuck here

Am I stuck in a Carbon Neutral Paradox or am I just being dumb

Help me - Comments PLEASE!!!!!

Reconnecting with nature

I've noticed more brands in a variety of categories expounding their 'natural' credentials lately. This is particularly true in beauty & cosmetics where all the new brands popping up seem to be all-natural: take NUDE for example which arrived in Australia last
This is a premium brand with a high price-point, presented in a chic and modern way. It doesn't rely on complex-sounding sciencey talk or miracle ingredients; it's key selling point is that it is chemical-free.

The bamboo laptop from ASUS is an interesting example of injecting 'nature' into a category with which it seems incongruous. I think this reflects a consumer reaction to our manufactured surroundings and the desire to reconnect with what's 'real'.