New tablet strategies

Check out this nifty little viral campaign from Cosmo for Guys

Apparently it's the first iPad only magazine from the Hearst media conglomerate, who is behind Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, ELLE and O

What's interesting is the idea that most guys wouldn't be caught dead buying 'Cosmo for Guys' at the news stand, but would be more than happy to download the app and view it in privacy to get the jump on what's happening inside girls heads, read more here

But this is only start of a growing list of iPad specific media strategies: For example:
  • Using Google AdWords to only advertise to iPad users (i.e. a target rich environment of affluent Gen X and Babyboomers)
  • Sponsoring an app, e.g. Telstra sponsor The Age iPad app
  • Create content that fits within a relaxed in-home TV watching context, given this is when and where iPads are being predominately used
  • Tailor email communications and websites to be viewed on iPads, especially now people are starting to use them as there main internet device 
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