What can you love?


Interesting report of a man who has 'married' his Nintendo DS 'girlfriend'.

As we continue to move to a post-physical world some are embracing the possibilities, and with few rules or boundaries it really is a brave new world, where many of the old rules simply don't apply.

Girlfriend always late for something? Program a fix. Don't like his nose or one of his shirts? Program a fix. Want to have a virtual affair? Program .... you get the idea.

William Gibson (Nuromancer), Arthur C Clarke (Last Theorem) and other sci-fi writers have explored the idea of virtual love and ultimately experiencing the full gamut of human emotions - virtually. Though all before the technology was able to deliver in any meaningful way.

As the technology becomes able to make it real enough to experience - and humans have always been able to 'imagine' something slightly better than their reality (clearly some more than others) - so the road to leaving your physical body, potentially living forever, becomes ever so slighty more attainable. Virtual friends and pets (from facebook to Nintendo DS Catz) are increasingly prevelant and will continue to be higher spec'ed, so enabling greater and greater simulation of reality and ability to tailor them to what you want.

Who wants someone real with all their flaws when you can have someone perfect - for you?