The Future of Mobile Phones

Based on the number of activated SIM cards, Australian mobile penetration is about 115 per cent or 26 million services for a population of 22.6 million.

The head of mobile infrastructure for Ericsson, Ulf Ewaldsson, is in Melbourne this week (July 2011). He says global mobile penetration will reach 100 per cent by 2016, or even a year earlier. He also goes on to predict that every person in the world will have access to mobile phone service within five years and half the handsets will be Smartphones.

So, we predict that email and internet searches will migrate almost significantly to Smartphones and away from PCs. Stay tuned...

However, what's next after Smartphones?  Always an interesting question

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Show me the perks!

Customer loyalty points/cards are starting to migrate to the mobile phone. But watch out!

There is more going on than just transfering loyalty cards / points onto the mobile...

For example, turns customer loyalty into a game. It's an app that customers can download on their smart phones that uses the GPS function to let businesses know when they have visited one of their stores. The more times they visit, the more loyalty points they get and more rewards they can 'unlock'. If they visit more times than anyone else in a month, a customer can become the 'Major' of that business and unlock even further rewards.

It's an example that shows how businesses can go beyond loyalty card stamps & points. The exisiting mobile technology is there for business to use and drive not just loyalty, but also customer engagement.

Also, it's a win win situation. The customer gets rewarded (and entertained) for being a good customer and the business gets a direct link to their customers via their most personal and intimate item...the mobile phone.

Watch out for the following players:

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