Will Printed Newspapers Become The Vinyl Of The Future?

Will Printed Newspapers Become The Vinyl Of The Future?

The migration of lots of advertising onto the internet has meant that printed newspapers just got a whole lot better!!!

The costs associated with production has meant that the formats of newspapers just had to shrink, tradition and consumer preferences just went out the window and we all ended up with the smaller format, more manageable tabloid sized newspapers. Just the job for a quick cafe read.

Newspapers, have also realised that good editorial and reporting can be presented across a wide range on co owned media and the costs of that editorial amortised accordingly and so, as a cost of rationalisation some newspaper writing seems to have got better.

The demise of advertising has made the physical bulk of newspapers smaller and there is much less distracting dross on the pages - it's a much better experience reading altogether as a consequence. 

Not only that, the growth of sperate and designated paper sections means that unwanted sections can be instantly binned - and most of us never read the sport section.

Then there is the tactility of turning a leafy page and browsing the printed columns versus the immediacy of a screen dump of information and the fact that reading a printed newspaper somehow feels like legitimate time out rather than sneakily reading the news during work time at your desk or pebble dashing your mouse and keyboard with a lunch time news reading sandwich.

Then there a whole bunch of negatives associated with the sister news productions on the net - printed newspapers don't have pop up blocker ads, noisy video ads and auto play videos features (at least not yet anyway).

And even better, newspapers can be purchased on an ad hoc, pay as you go basis without the financial pain of locking into long term subscription costs.

At Stancombe Research + Planning we're beginning to pick up the (smaller format) printed page again.