It seems that consumers are doing it for themselves. The rise of the Pro-sumer over the past few decades has been astronomical. An example of a brand delivering to a need for pro-sumption is beautifully expressed by the new service offered by holidaycrowd. The service allows the pro-sumer to create their own experience within a set budget. Travel agents then have the opportunity to respond and place bids for the business. Quite natty really. Read more below from SpringWise...

HolidayCrowd lets travel agents compete for consumers' business

Holidaymakers are often faced with an overwhelming range of options when searching for their ideal trip, with an endless list of online services promising to deliver the best deals. Aiming to flip this process on its head and deliver even more relevance, HolidayCrowd is a new service that enables travelers to outline their perfect trip and invite competing offers from travel agents.

Now in beta, UK-based HolidayCrowd begins by inviting prospective travelers to list a trip they'd like to take, even if it's only a general idea. Details such as a specific destination and budget can be included, but they're not essential. Participating travel agents then assess the request and build an itinerary, knowing that they're competing with one another. HolidayCrowd verifies each agent individually to ensure they're legitimate and licensed. After reviewing the bids, consumers can chat to get any questions answered, and then they can choose the one they like and book it for free through HolidayCrowd. In exchange, they get sent all reservations, confirmations, e-tickets and itineraries. HolidayCrowd, meanwhile, charges travel agents a commission fee of 3 percent of the total cost plus VAT.

Anyone still not sure the intention-based model is here to stay? Better check out some of our related coverage, then. After that, how about offering a like-minded service in your part of the world? (Related: In online auction, banks bid on consumer savings — Intention-based shopping brought to the UK — Bank helps clients buy homes that aren't for sale.)