Enjoy the ride

Check out this very cinematic commercial by Western Australian traffic authority

It's doing quite well with 65,000 views after 2 weeks, but what's interesting is the idea. The commercial is a clear departure from shock tactics depicting horrific crashes in all their gory detail and others attempting to instill us with the fear of getting caught speeding by the police. However, the problem with these shock and fear tactics is they trigger our defence mechanisms that protect our sense of self. Because the majority of us think we are very good drivers (note: if we didn't think we were good drivers, speeding wouldn't be a problem because many of us would try to avoid driving all together) and strongly believe 'I'll never crash' and 'I'll never get caught', we will automatically dismiss any notion that we are not good drivers, i.e. we dismiss the message. From a practical point of view, these defence mechanisms are useful because they help us get through life without feeling anxious all the time.

So what's great about this particular commercial is that it side steps our defence mechanisms and focuses on the enjoyable and pleasurable experience of driving - stuff we like to think about and confirms our beliefs about the enjoyment of 'slowing down' as a general concept.