Underground food movement hits SMH

Wow...SMH is on the ball here!

A great little article hit the front page (of the website) on underground dining. They comment that its appeal is in the intrigue of the unknown, community building spirit and getting to meet new people. It's also about giving 4th/5th year apprentice chefs a chance to show their skills and get away from high pressure demanding 5 star restaurants for at least a night

Check out the link...here

Underground food movement

I'm a real sucker for edgy of the wall stuff like this.

PSFK explains...

"Underground restaurants are the dining equivalent of a speak-easy or a rave. Whether they are entirely legal or not is a bit of a grey area. But this is part of their allure. There’s something very intoxicating about the combination of being “in the know” and illicitness that creates an experience that people can’t help but talk about. It’s word of mouth marketing at its most powerful."

"The reasons are twofold. The easy answer is the recession – as money has got tighter diners are looking for something more exciting but for less money. The second part of the answer is the internet. The online foodie community is very dynamic in London"

For more info (yes we have one of these Sydney) check out the link