The Avengers: A guide to building a superhero team

First things first, we would like to apologise for not putting up a post last month. It's been extremely busy here at the Agency, but now things are a little less crazy we can get back to regularly posting.

If you haven't seen The Avengers yet, do yourself a favour this weekend and go see it. It's an awesome movie (note: if you are an Optus customer, get cheaper tickets here)

What really inspired me about this movie was the team building aspect. The key premise to the movie is the assembly of a team of superheros, each with unique abilities, personalities and motivations. The movie makes the point very clear that it's not easy to bring together a bunch of talented individuals with different motivations (and ego sizes). Nothing new here.

However, if you give it some thought, most superheros are depicted as weird freaks and loners that don't get along well with society and often do more damage than good. This is what makes The Avengers special, is that we get to see superheros learn how to work together as a team and therefore team heroics are celebrated more than individual heroics in the movie. Thus the point is made that somethings are bigger than any one individual and some challenges are too great to meet alone.

The same point can be made for the business world. We all have our special abilities/powers, which in isolation make us both strange and wonderful, but it's when we mix our talents with others that we can achieve greater things.

It's something we do here at the agency, that is regularly mix qual and quant researchers together on projects, because their special abilities/powers can be a little strange on their own, but mix the two together and you turn individual superheros into a superhero team.