Moral Megalogues

In a previous post I mentioned the 'Creative Megalogue'

Following a similar train of thought, there is much talk of a 'Moral Megalogue' currently going on. The catalyst for such a social discussion is of course the recent (and passe) GFC, where many 1st world countries have started to question the sustainability of a greedy capitalist society where the mighty dollar rules all.

The best evidence at the moment that a moral megalogue is going on is the recent Time Magazine front page and article "The Rise of the Ethical consumer"

The premise of the article is that there has been a shift in corporate America from profit to the idea of the triple bottom line - profit, planet and people. The article also argues a compelling point, that being socially responsible is actually good for business. The main reason being that consumer values have changed to the point that shopping behaviour has changed as well. I found this statistic particularly poignent:

"Nearly half of Americans in our poll said protecting the environment should be given priority over economic growth — and this comes in the midst of a recession and historic unemployment" Time Magazine

More people buying locally produced, ethcially produced and sustainably produced goods that have positive effects demonstrates there is now a shared responsibility to protect the planet and its people. Meaning, there is now less 'emotional & social payoff' (obviously there is still some) when purchasing the most exlusive, premium, expensive goods, simply because there are now less people in the world that will respect and love you for those types of purchases.

Given the hyper connected state of civilation, I bet there are more 'moral megalogues' to come