Managers matra - "if I can't see you I can't trust you" - is it on the way out?

This point actually came up in Andy Dexters presentation at the AMSRS 2009 conference, the benefits of a mobile workforce that can be trusted to get work done outside the office, i.e. managing through trust rather than presence

if you have the time this short video sums up the idea nicely

Episode 1 - A deconstruction of how we work from Cubes Are Evil on Vimeo.

Women more stressed than men

Nearly nine out of 10 Australians are feeling stressed and most blame work for the way they feel, a new poll shows.

Finances, health and personal relationships were also stress factors, a Newspoll commissioned by Lifeline Australia reveals.

But stress levels identified in this year's poll are slightly down on the previous year, with 87 per cent of the 1200 people surveyed this year indicating they were stressed - down from 91 per cent a year ago.

Four out of 10 people said they were experiencing "unhealthy" stress levels.

Nearly three-quarters of those who said they were stressed said work was the major contributor.

Money was stressing out two-thirds, and one in five were "highly stressed" about it.

Interest rate drops and the federal government's cash handouts helped to lower financial worries.

Women were more likely to be stressed than men, the poll found.

So too, are people who live in big cities compared to their country counterparts, except when it comes to relationships.

Single people were more likely to be stressed than couples, and the more people earned the more stressed they felt.

Lifeline Australia CEO Dawn O'Neil says too many Australians are feeling the pinch.

"We know that small amounts of stress can sometimes help us but ... we are no longer just feeling a little bit of stress," she said in a statement.

Source: SMH