Stancombe Research + Planning is an independently owned, bespoke insights and strategy consultancy, driven by brilliant thinking with a focus on delivering inspired and incisive solutions to client needs.

Context shapes people and brands. We keep an observant eye and active mind on the shifting cultural context. Regular updates on the key and emerging themes shaping customer culture are articulated in The Stancombe Series, and everyday insights derived from the media, events + the world around us are located in our blog In(side) Conversation.

At the heart of what we do is innovation - new thinking, new processes, new perspectives, new methodologies. We also embrace some of the tried + tested ways. Let’s face it, they work.

We also like to keep things real - we believe this is an essential element of understanding people, their behaviour + relationships with products, places and brands.


We are particularly experienced in and passionate about:


Retail and shoppers - luxury + value
Social marketing
Urban regeneration + suburban transformation

Cultural forecasting
Community engagement
FMCG - food + beverages
Health + pharmaceuticals
Media + communications




We’ve always believed that people are shaped by the context in which they live, work and play - understanding the surrounding consumer culture is the best way to identify key drivers and facilitate the telling of great stories about people, brands and business opportunities. Keeping abreast of the ‘big picture’ is critical to currency + relevancy. Staying connected to it is our mantra.



Our commitment to insight-driven outcomes is at the core of what we do. We deliver clarity around customer truths in a concise and compelling manner. We take an informed stand, challenge myopic views and act as thought-leaders when it matters. We provide strategic direction that is clear and do-able.



We believe in processes that take clients to new places; that bring people - clients and customers - into the picture in new ways, and that inspire new perspectives and ways of seeing. We’re about deliverables that engage, live + breathe insightful truths, generate real impact inside + outside our clients’ businesses, and drive inspirational breakthroughs + ‘a-ha’ moments.