So what makes us different?

1. We are informed by a ‘big picture’ perspective and an understanding of the diverse and dynamic context that shapes people and brands.

The context is ever-changing (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly) and keeping a ‘finger on the pulse’ of change is important to stay vital. Interpreting and delivering this in a way that enables our clients to solve challenges and create new and prescient opportunities is what we’re all about. Our cultural forecasting activities are not only stand-alone, but provide an insight-clopedia that informs and shape our consultancy.

2. We are thought-challengers and fresh thinkers. We challenge client myopia to assist clients in making impactful decisions that couldn’t be made without strategic insights. We deliver insights that live, breathe + generate real impact; discovery and implementation processes that take clients to new places; bring people + customers into the picture in new ways; and inspire new perspectives + ways of seeing.

Digital engagement, communication and innovative implementation workshops + experiences are standard components of any insights project. We bring our stakeholders on the journey with us in unique and compelling ways.

3. Collaboration: We are an experienced, ‘switched-on’, high-calibre team. Our cross-discipline experts speak each other's language.

We love a challenge, a good think, and a brief that calls for an innovative response.

Together our work unfolds like a good novel, with a clear storyline and sub-plots that interconnect organically. The result of this integration? The somewhat non-mathematical equation of 1 + 1 = 3 often holds true!