The fact that most of our clients have been doing business with us for a very long time suggests that we must be doing something right.

Our client relationships, like the famous toilet tissue (yes, we know lots about toilet tissue) are "long and strong". Certain key accounts have been with the agency almost as long as we have, so approaching a couple of decades.

For Stancombe, working in partnerships means much more than just an expression - we really understand our client’s business and intentions and deliver to these, getting the best results. We’re part of the team and highly committed to clients’ successes.

As part of our ongoing client service we often...

  • speak at internal marketing conferences or marketing meetings

  • conduct client training sessions on a one-on-one or team basis

  • arrange short-term job swaps to aid development of client skills

  • offer our facilitation services for client brainstorming and ideation sessions

  • make available our meeting rooms for client activities

  • add value in loads of different ways.

Some of the companies that have benefited from our consultancy: